archangel chic

Laura Coleman was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1968. She is biracial and was given up for adoption as a baby. She was adopted by an Italian family and her maiden name is D’Agostino. She grew up in Salem, MA, went to Witchcraft Heights Elementary School but ironically her spiritual awakening would not happen until 2021.


Her father dying the day before her 53rd birthday and then finding out her spouse of 18 years was a serial cheater and she had no idea. This horrific time adjusted her path and she is not looking back. This was a very dark time for her, but it was a lesson that needed to be learned.


She realized that being treated horribly by someone she loved was not her purpose in life. It was more. That is when  God and the Archangels stepped in and saved her life. She will be forever grateful and is most definitely excited to put this business degree to use and most importantly strengthen her connection with The Divine. <3


She started Archangel Chic in Mar of 2022 with the intentions to help raise the consciousness of the earth and share her experiences that helped her with others who may be going through similar circumstances. As cliché as it may seem, it’s truly all love and light with all of this. She has also learned to connect and give guidance through the tarot.


There are several Archangels, but she decided to start with the first 4:
1. Archangel Michael
2. Archangel Raphael
3. Archangel Gabriel
4. Archangel Uriel

She has researched them and connected with them in meditations. They are helpers and have unlimited energy to assist everyone at the same time. Whether you are facing situations involving spiritual growth, health, relationships, career, etc they can help guide you. They do not take the place of God but work alongside our higher power and higher self.


She is very excited for this new adventure.